Jack Hotel

Günter Voelker-Guitar
Joe Salvati-Dobro
Josh Rector-Fiddle
Marty Steinhausen-Upright Bass


Jack Hotel is one of a kind. Simply that. With a sincere commitment to perfection, and a lineup of some the most talented musicians around, the song writing of Günter Voelker has found a capsule to grow. With their newest release in the works currently, look for more Jack Hotel coming in early 2016.


It’s some of the most furious finger work you’ll find in a Jack Hotel song, or more impressively, at the font of  any songwriter-led folk song.

If you’ve seen the Lincoln folk band out and about lately, you know it’s working with a large handful of songs that could make up a sophomore album. “Hattie Barlow” seems to be one of that crew. It showcases songwriter Günter Voelker’s imaginative character-drawing against backdrop of folklore, or perhaps more a feeling of Americana myth. Hattie is portrayed as a shape-shifting femme fatale who’s “impervious to flame,” familiar undeniably, though, to the song’s narrator. The speaker is one of Jack Hotel songs’ many knowing suckers and low-lifes, always with enough human grace to breathe on their own.

You can catch Jack Hotel as a full band at next Saturday’s Sower Fest. RSVP to the Duffy’s Tavern show here:

By: Nicolas Hammer