This last weekend Sower Records took four bands, Evan Bartels and the Stoney Lonesomes/Jack Hotel/The Bottle Tops/and local friends the Dylan Bloom Band to Kearney, Nebraska for the Nebraska Association of Fair Managers(NAFM) convention at the Ramada hotel. This event consists of over 300 fairs and event managers from all across the state, biding against each other for their respective events entertainment. This includes tractor pulls, clowns, funny cars, hypnotists and more. Needless to say, Sower Records and our bands felt a bit like fishies out of water.

These people were really after the mainstream, commercial sound that pumps through the programmed radio waves these days. This we are not. That’s okay. I mean, how can you change the “norm” if you don’t put yourself out there. What does “Good Music” mean? I guess, if people are listening and buying it, it must be good…right? We don’t expect to change the world, but it’s good to poke the beast and offer something “different”, “new”, and “original”. These commercialized acts were glossed and made up, ready to lick the chops of anyone with money. It was obvious and apparent, and it was certainly spoon fed to fair managers bouncing from room to room. Between the 8ft. vinyl print outs of these said “country entertainers”, the hilarious star-gazed glossy head shots feathered with glow, and the individually named chap-stick tubes laying about, the Sower Records crew smiled with eye’s wide open and shook hands with the best of them. What came of it was great, actually. We made a ton of new connections with some really cool people, signed a few contracts, and established ourselves and our branding as something to look forward to in the years to come. Shoot we even had a bloody mary bar with custom ‘Bottle Tops’ boots to drink out of.

Now THIS is what Sower Records is about; inviting all to experience what we have to offer. You never know. Perhaps, we might bring a flare of originality to the fair scene someday after all.

You won’t drink whiskey if all they sell is milk. Congratulations to the bands that participated. It certainly was an experience. booth booth2 hat