• Sower Records is proud and honored to have helped these amazing people put out their new release, 'Here to Tell the Tale'. This 11 song BANGER OF A RECORD has it all!  Here what American Songwriter has to say about it here: https://americansongwriter.com/rockabilly-revivalists-lara-hope-the-ark-tones-premiere-new-song-some-advice-just-in-time-for-mothers-day/ Don't miss them when they come to a town near you. Because, they will!
  • The Bottle Tops: Sun Studio Session now available on CD. Recorded at the world famous Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee in the winter of 2019.
  • Mid-America Artists presents, "Just BeClaus", a collaboration of Nebraska songwriters and artists from the midwest. Artists include: Hope Dunbar, Mike Semrad, The Wildwoods, Scott Severin, Brian “Pickle” Gerkensmeyer, Andy Pappas, The McGovern String Band, Manuel De La Torre & Susan Steele, Magma Melodier and the sound of joy.
  • Will Hutchinson, is known for his unique voice and his ability to tell vivid stories in his songwriting. While folksy, his Americana vibe is distinct from the Nashville and east Appalachian sound. The Nebraska roots in his music shine through in a refreshing way and his music has been described as “a sound that captures what it is like to be in love.”  


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