Watson & Co.

With a new record set to launch on Sower Records in the Spring of 22′, we are so excited to welcome Watson & Co. to our stable of artists.
Josh Watson, the man behind the pen, has been a prolific songwriters for years. But, only now is discovering his path of least resistance is his calling him home. Simple songwriting, yet with an exploratory angle of experimentation. The sound is unique to stand out, but not with neon lights. A small town life and a working man’s mentality, crafts these songs through and through. And, you can feel it with every word. Sometimes life is better in the shade and the music is far sweeter.
Keep an eye out for Watson’s new EP, with a full-length record to follow.
“Watson&Co. is an experiment in sound, and an experiment; interacting  human kind through the language of music. Writing songs from the purist emotion and experience is always the objective.”