Head of Femur

Matt Focht-hair
Ben Armstrong- drums
Mike Elsner- guitar
And, Like a thousand other people…

During much of the ten years since their last release, Head of Femur has been painstakingly writing and recording new music. The thirteen new original tracks that comprise ‘Hear! Hear! Tunemaker’, the band’s fourth album, are resplendent with the band’s trademark orchestral flourishes and nuanced songwriting. As always, the musical styles vary—from new age to afro-pop to Motown and more—highlighting the band’s deep appreciation of musical history as well as their ability to cleverly utilize those many influences to create a unique sound.

On 12-inch, colored vinyl, the album is masterfully engineered and sonically set by some of Nebraska’s finest engineers. We can say this with all honestly, it’s truly their ‘Pet Sounds’, their ‘White Album’, and their masterpiece.