The Bottle Tops are a group of artists residing in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Created by Mike Semrad, Kerry Semrad and brother Drew James Semrad, the family of musicians have settled for nothing less than rocking the wiggles out of every audience member.

They are joined by some local string pickin’ heroes including such names as Mark Wolberg(The Amalgamators), Mike McCracken(Lloyd McCarter Band and The Doodly Squats), Josh Rector(Emmett Bower Band), Marty Steinhausen (The Tijuana Gigolos), and Benji Kushner (The Mezcal Brothers) All of these individuals reside in Lincoln, NE, Great Plains USA.


Mike and Andrew Semrad were drawn to music at a very early age.  The two young boys started entertaining at family gatherings performing such country music hits as Eddie Rabbit’s “I love a rainy night” and Oak Ridge Boys’ “Elvira”.   Of course, with the relatives they had, music was everywhere the young duo turned.  Both sides of the family, the Semrads (Father’s side) and the Allison (Mother’s side), were riddled with musicians.  Mike Semrad Sr. (Fremont, NE) started one of the very first Rock N’ Roll bands in Fremont, Nebraska called J. Harrison B. & The Bumbles, in 1962, while Uncles Robert and Richard were influential within the early Grand Ole’ Opry scene.

Mike Sr. later joined the midwest rock monstersThe Smoke Ring, in 1968.   He was then a part of some amazing sessions, both at Sam Phillips Recording Studio and Sounds of Memphis Studio (now The House of Blues Studio on Camilla St in Memphis). These sessions produced a remake of The Four Lads 50′s hit “No Not Much” – which after release on Goldust Records, was then leased to Buddah Records from New York.

To the present day and throughout the relationship of Kerry and Mike Semrad, a kindred spirit of music has existed and always has been present.  Finding this voice through new songs has become an uplifting journey that transcends just husband and wife; It’s a connection within the listeners and together they find that deep comfort in the soul that is driven by the sound the Semrad family creates.